Speechin’ it up

Last week my Com 101 professor told us that today we would be giving a five minute long informational speech about any topic we wanted. Talk about broad. So of course like any American college student I immediately googled “speech topics” and “how to choose a speech topic”. I had given two other speeches in class, one about law school and the other about Girls State, but this time I wanted to talk about something funny or at least something interesting. So after thinking about it for awhile and waiting until two days before the speech was due I decided to give a speech about how to choose a speech topic. It wasn’t exactly funny so much as it was tongue-in-cheek but regardless it was fun to watch my classmates faces today as I talked while they tried to figure out where exactly I was going with my speech and if I was ever going to reveal my topic. In my last sentence I explained that this speech was a how to speech and that it was about topic selection. Basically I took the easiest way out possible but still managed to make my professor laugh and keep the kids in class interested. Also I talked about ke$ha. So there’s my win of the day.
Side note: I don’t like rain boots or walking in the rain but today I rediscovered the joy of puddle-jumping. Hello adventures. Oh and also next time you’re in starbucks get a chai latte. It tastes like fall and sunshine.


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