Guilty. Pleasure.

So if you were ever to mosey over to my LastFm account you would see that I listen to a lot of music… and a lot of Taylor Swift. She’s the most listened to on my account although let me explain that my LastFm won’t get information from my ipod so just keep that in mind. In the past I probably would have been embarassed about that because T-Swizzle is too mainstream, lacks depth, and some would even dare say lacks talent. But honestly if you want to judge me for listening to girly songs then go ahead. I love that she writes from her heart and doesn’t hide anything. I could pick out any song of hers and it would at some point have applied to my life. I don’t listen to her because she’s good; I listen to her because she understands.
Regardless of your feelings about T-Swift you should definitely at least check out her new songs because they’re pretty freaking good.


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