Hope Extravagantly.

Hope. It’s essential because without it there would be nothing to strive for, no reason to move forward, or progress because there’s nothing better in the future. If you don’t have hope than you don’t have any drive. Sometimes we run into phrases that seep into our minds and created a lasting impression. It’s literally as if the words are burned into the back of our eyelids, glowing, and staying with us. A phrase I recently came across, although I have no idea where it came from, was “Hope extravagantly.” Now being the nerd that I am, I found the definition for both words so that I could more fully understand what the phrase meant to the world so that I could better explain why these two words were sticking with me so furiously. To hope is to believe, to desire, or to trust. Extravagantly means lacking in moderation, restraint, and exceeding the limits of reason. So to hope extravagantly is to believe without restraint. To trust beyond the limits of reason. There’s something beautiful about having pure and undiluted faith, trust, belief that is completely beyond understanding, that completely surpasses reason and logic.
So here I go living my life and hoping extravagantly.
Dum Spiro Spero.


2 Responses to “Hope Extravagantly.”

  1. While we live, we hope. Love you Little One.

  2. […] now you know I have several personal philophies that I live by. Hope extravagantly and Live Deliberately are two that I’ve already mentioned. Another is to never settle. I […]

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