By clairsworth

January 5, 2011

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Confession time. I don’t really read many other blogs. Yes I know if you want your blog to get more views/comments you have to get your name out there by visiting other blogs. But I just don’t care to generally. Sure I have an entire folder in my Favorites titled “Blogs” that is the home to the blogs of my friends and family but I don’t go and read random blogs. Until now. Somehow I found a blog called Smart, Pretty, and Awkward. And I have become absolutely obsessed. When I first started reading I wondered if limiting herself to only three topics for each post was going to keep her blog from being interesting and relevant but I quickly discovered that she seemingly had the answer for everything. Imagine mixing Mrs. Manners, Vogue, and Stumbleupon. That’s what you get with her blog. I feel like the Molly is already one of my best friends. And I can promise you that I will definitely be keeping up with her blog.

“It is easier to get away with a dress that says “I want to swap spit” if the way you carry yourself says “I want to swap reading lists.

“Nobody says your socks need to match to be respectable, or that you have to lose five pounds to be attractive, or that you need to go to an Ivy League to succeed. Well, some people say it, but I find the happiest people are the ones who don’t make dumb rules like that for other people to follow.”


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  1. Hi Clair,

    Thanks for writing about SP&A! I added you to the Press Page :)

    Molly from SP&A

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