By clairsworth

January 27, 2011

Category: Life, Photography


My English professor told us to freewrite about Oreos today… every time we stopped moving our pens he told us to keep going, to not think about what the ink said. This is what I found after I finished.

Oreos are different. They can be taken apart, savored. There’s a bit of luck to them. If you are able to successfully pull the black shell away without ruining the creamy white center you can make a wish. What a hopeful and simple world we live in where wishes can be made on the unbroken and untainted heart of an Oreo. Well after all this is America where we are constantly making wishes and dreaming. Throughout my past eating Oreos was rare due to my usually organic and health conscious household. That made the creamy wishes even more exciting because they were rare and special. My sister and I had it down to a science, a quick half twist and tug would reveal the pure white center. Wish made, hopefully to be granted, perhaps quickly forgotten. The Oreo itself has no direct correlation with wishes, it’s nothing more than two cookies and some cream. If all it takes for a wish to be granted is a half twist and tug than why isn’t the world full of granted wishes? But more over if the sweet cookie wishes of humanity never come true than why aren’t there more broken hearts, more suffering souls? This cookie has no control, there’s no magic to it, it’s just dessert. It’s our mindset that makes it mean more, covers it in a sense of wonder and hope. We wish not because we think it will come true but because we hope it will. Wishes are never logical- they aren’t supposed to make sense. Why do we waste our time wishing on cookies, sharing our innermost dreams and desires with a clump of frosting? It seems absurd and it belittles our dreams. This dependency on luck, on hope, on a quick half twist and tug makes our efforts to achieve our dreams nonexistent. After all we’re pulling apart cookies and closing our eyes, hoping for the best but not actually doing anything to make our own wish come true. Maybe that isn’t what this is wives tale is about. Maybe it’s the wish itself not the outcome that matters, maybe what we need is to know what we want. Maybe we need a simple black and white cookie, a half twist and tug to show our hearts.


3 Responses to “Oreo.”

  1. Nice………you did good. love you

  2. So much to learn from an Oreo!

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