The World Don’t Spin Without You…

My bed is against the window. The sunlight pours in and the rain throws itself against the glass. People walk by on their way to work or class. They pass by without looking up, they have no idea that they can be seen or that anyone would be watching. When I wake up in the morning I peak through the blinds and see what they’re wearing so I can figure out how cold it is. Often enough you see people you know, occasionally they look up to see if your lights are on, to see what you’re doing. It’s so peaceful just to look out that window and watch others carry on with their daily routine, to watch conversations between friends, couples holding hands, long boarders fly by. The world keeps moving even if I take this time to breathe, to sleep, to just listen to music and look out my window. My world has paused but the planet keeps spinning and the people on the street just walk by on their way. This window gives me peace of mind, I may be worried or sad but just outside there’s a group of friends laughing and I just have to wait for the time when someone will be watching my easy smile out of their window because the world keeps turning, you can’t stop time. So take a moment. Look out the window. Watch the world move on. Watch the people that move on with it. But then let the sun shine into your empty room, let your world start again. Close the blinds. Walk down the stairs. Go back into the world. Become another person on their way. With a destination. With a full heart. Moving in time with the spinning of the Earth.


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