Count it all joy

Happiness. It’s such an elusive thing. We think we’ve found it and then it disappears. It happens in the blink of an eye and ends just as quickly. But then there are some days that start with the sun pouring through your blinds and end by falling asleep wearing the same smile you wore all day. This is the kind of happiness that isn’t brought on by people saying or doing nice things but by you deciding that you are going to be happy, despite anything and everything else. It’s a mindset. You are the only person in charge of your happiness. You choose what to make of each circumstance. Choose yes. Choose to make the best of everything. Search for the sunshine. Search for the goodness. This is under your control. We cannot let our happiness be dictated by anything or anyone. The best days are the ones where you are happy for no particular reason, when nothing really outstanding happens, when you are just happy because you chose to be. Because you decided that yes, today is going to be a good day. And you don’t let anyone else affect that. We have chosen to base our happiness on so many different things and we let these things control us but in the end whether you let yourself and your happiness be defined by any circumstance is your choice. Count it all joy. Say yes to happiness, define yourself.


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