Chapter 5.

Our whole lives we spend looking for our love story. THE moment with THE right person. What if it never happens. What if this anticipation keeps building up and we never get past the prologue. Our fingers never graze the pages of Chapter 5. We’ve already written the epilogue, we know how it ends. Everything ends happily ever after in our minds. The trick is the beginning. We have to start somewhere, with someone, someday. The saddest thing to think about is that we’ve already missed our cue, that we wrote off the right person or worse they disregarded us. But what may be even harder to think about is the idea that maybe we weren’t meant to be cast in a love story, maybe you’re the hero. Maybe you slay the dragon or win the war without a damsel in distress, without some heart shaped incentive. This story isn’t mine, I’m not the author. Instead I’m just reacting to the plot, trying to find the resolution. My heart is in this one. It is taking all of my willpower to not flip past the introduction, to skip ahead to the last sentence, the reassurance of the happily ever after.


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