I’ve written so much that you haven’t seen. I haven’t showed you because I was worried what you would think, what you would say. I was scared that you would read this. But before you do I want you to know that this isn’t for you. It needs to be said again. I didn’t write this for you. I’ve written so much about so many things. Facts. Fiction. Don’t label this as one or the other. Read it for what it’s worth, don’t assume anything. There won’t be any strong revelations. Don’t fill in your name or anyone else’s. It was written without names for a reason. This isn’t about you, don’t think that it is. Don’t ask me about what it means. What I’m describing or what I’m feeling. Don’t cast any judgments on these written words. I’m sharing this with you. Crossing the line between what is kept saved on my computer and what is published. I don’t want to keep this bottled up. These are not my feelings. These are not my thoughts. Don’t read anything into them. Just read.


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