By clairsworth

March 3, 2011

Category: Life, Photography

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There’s something so comforting about familiarity. About things we know and things we have known. We like to follow our own footprints, to go places we have been before. It takes a lot to venture out. To seek the unknown. To move on. Moving on is always difficult because it forces you to leave behind what makes you comfortable and often times what makes you happy. We have to carry on, discover new people and places to make our own. What has made us happy in the past won’t always continue to do so. Either it will disappoint us or we will start wanting more than it can give. Whatever happens won’t leave you happy, just comfortable in a blanket of certainty. You have to learn that the new things are beautiful in their own mysterious way. Forging out of the path you have spent so much time clearing will break your heart but it will also lead to discovery. While this new trail won’t already be laid out, it won’t be free of obstacles or pain but it will take you to new heights. A new elevation that will have you struggling to breathe at first but in time you will see the beauty from the mountain top and realize the strength you gained in climbing it. You can take this uncharted territory one step at a time, don’t be stagnant, don’t stay here in this place. Don’t be comfortable.


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