By clairsworth

March 12, 2011

Category: Life, Photography, Poems

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The rolling waves
each crest and crash
The frothy green water
throwing itself onto the sand
Each wave struggling to go further
futher than the one before
to gain more ground
spreading itself thinner
reaching as far as it can
before being pulled away
Leaving traces of land and shells
from it’s past, from the places it has been
To see the power and feel the rush
This strength derived from the night
just the pull of a light reflected off the sun
There’s no self control, no restraint
Just constant motion
Eternally pushing and pulling
Trying to be better, go further, last longer
As if echoing our own struggle
our search for purpose
Waiting to be used for something great,
greater than this churning tide
Wanting more than just to rise, crest, and crash
onto the awaiting shore.
We just want so much more.


One Response to “See”

  1. Claire, This is a beautiful poem. I love to go to the beach and one of my favorite things to do is watch the water. I love the way you described it.

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