I’ve never been very good at opening locks
I can twist and turn every key
The door never opens, that lock never gives
it’s been a lifelong fight
all my effort and all my keys
all my chants of open sesame
Those locks always held tight
I’ve worn this key around my neck for a year
always searching for what it unlocked
I thought I’d found the answer when I met you
You with your heart held under lock and key
I tried so hard to conquer this fear
I wanted you to be the answer that made sense
to be the first lock to open without a fight
The key twisted and turned,
each try was further mocked
propelled by the words I said,
all those thoughts inside of my head
I’d hoped this key would be the perfect fit
the combination of you and me
opening both our hearts and sympathies
but all I found was a heart locked tight
not to be undone by tiffany’s
our fits just aren’t the same.
So keep your love hidden away
living up to your family name
I know I’ll find my lock someday
the home for this skeleton key.


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