By clairsworth

March 20, 2011

Category: Life

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Two years ago my best friend got married. It was one of the hardest days of my life. I remember when I first got the news that she was engaged, it was traumatizing to say the least. Oh I should probably mention that this best friend that I’m talking about is my sister, Katie. She’s six years older than me but we get asked if we’re twins whenever we’re together. We look alike. We act alike. We like the same things. Each of us is part of the other one. Together we are the Sworth girls and we are unstoppable. It was scary to me that all of this was happening, that she was taking this huge step without me, that she was leaving. I was worried that things would never be the same, I didn’t know how life would go when she wasn’t a five steps away from my bedroom door. But at the same time I was so undeniably happy for her. My Katiebug was marrying the man that she had loved for five years. This was what those songs are about, what the fairytales are made of. This was real, their love was and is so strong. Since their perfect wedding two years ago they’ve moved to Denver, Colorado, they’ve made a life of their own and they’ve lived it to the full. They were so visibly in love with each other on March 21, 2009 and they are still completely and totally in love. And the best news of all, they’re moving to Charleston in August. How’s that for a happy ending?


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  1. I like that happy ending……………

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