Luck of the Irish

By clairsworth

March 21, 2011

Category: Life, Photography

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Yesterday I met a leprechaun. I had seen green everywhere lately but nothing that compares to the shade of his shining eyes. He approached our spot on the cool grass saying he was drawn by our smiles. His own was crooked and contagious. He wanted to some company, just someone to talk to and share his experiences with. He said that if you’ve made someone smile then your day was a success. The three best things in life, the best things you could ask for, are shared smiles, kisses from puppies, and finding money on the ground. If you accomplish all of them by noon you’ve had the best day you could ask for. He told some jokes so that he could share his smile with us, we colored the park with our laughter and light conversation. Finally he explained his name, Leprechaun. It wasn’t for his green eyes, it wasn’t about his roots, he was called that because he had found the pot of gold. He found what sits at the end of the rainbow. It’s your heart, he says, your heart is the pot of gold, it’s what you’ve been searching for. Right there inside of your chest, it’s been there all along waiting for you to share it. You see it’s worthless if you keep it to yourself, just like gold. It really has no value if you don’t use it. If you don’t give it away. If you don’t share it. His green eyes turned serious as he shared his own pot of gold with us. He wanted us to understand, he knew that nothing is worse than a heart that’s hoarded and kept whole. With that being said he stood up, brushed the grass off, and left us with a wink and a smile having given us all he had to give.


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  1. absolutely amazing

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