Home is Wherever I’m with You

By clairsworth

May 9, 2011

Category: Life, Photography

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I keep trying to write my closing remarks to freshman year, I had such great hopes for them but anything and everything that I type can never actually show how important this past year has been to me. I know that my hometown is where I got older but Charleston is where I grew up.
Well here I am, nine months later, and I have to say that every single day I spent in Charleston has completely rearranged my life. I really don’t know where to start. Should I mention all of the people that lead me to this point? All of those amazing characters I have been able to meet and love by being in this holy city? How each of them has everything to do with why this year was so great? How each little conversation, each “hey!” in the street, every minute they chose to share with me made me love this city that much more? Maybe I should tell you about the adventures, the shoot-from-the-hip nights, filled with music and ocean air. The nights and days we spent wandering around exploring our new home. The hours we laid on the sand, the walks to the battery under the sun and under the stars. The people that I met this year changed me, they had an unalienable impact on my life and I’ll never be the same. Each member of my Charleston family has a permanent home in my heart after only one year.
The city of Charleston itself worked its way into my heart as well. I can’t decide if it’s the history, the heat, or just the way it feels like home but I’ve never felt so much love and so much attachment to any one place that isn’t Lexington. Charleston became my second home, my home I made on my own. I have my favorite walks and buildings, my spot in Marion Square, my tree at the Battery. Charleston is filled with music and beautiful people and places; there’s just no where else quite like it.
So while I’m happy to be home with my family, I can’t wait to make it back to my second home. I am so excited to spend the next three years of my life walking the streets of the Holy City. Thanks for welcoming me in and making me love you, Charleston. I have to say that my freshman year of college was the best it could possibly have been and I know it can only get better from here. Thank you to every person I met this year, to my roommates that dealt with me, to my small group who helped me grow, to my friends who loved me, and to any and every adventure. Here’s to a year for the books. Here’s to Charleston, my home away from home.


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